Grass Forage 2019

Grass Forage 2019

Mother nature has heard the cry of farmers and generally provided a kind year to get grass forage stocks built back up after last year's drought. That being said it has not all been easy with both dry and wet conditions having an impact on growing and foraging success in certain areas. So what have we got? As usual there are a range of forages produced, here is a summary if some of the factors which may be relatively common in 2019.
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Some suggestions to be proactive in a difficult forage year

With less than 20% of normal rainfall falling in the South West in June, we see ourselves in a situation not seen for many years. What can we do to be proactive?
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Germinal Seed Products are now available from FeedCo

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Why are Amino Acids important?

Improving Yields from Chop Lengths

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Feedco Launch New Milk Powder Range

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Nutrition of the Ewe – Weaning to Lambing

Selecting Starch Sources

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Local Dairy Leads The Way

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Sorting out Sorting

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