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Silage Additives – Waste no Nutrients

The targeted application of a Silage Additive can help maximise the quality of  silage through better preservation of the valuable nutrients. This targeted use is in combination with best practice silage making, working to quickly and efficiently remove air from the forage and seal it out. These steps result in a controlled aerobic fermentation which preserves protein and energy in the best form to be used by the rumen.

When fermentation is not so efficient energy is lost to heat and water, and protein is degraded, so the nutrients are wasted and the forage has less animal feed value. This loss can be significant even in reasonably well made silage, it does not need to be noticeably bad silage for loss to have occurred. Couple this with the challenging conditions through a varying season we get in the South West and we have a situation where the judicious use of a silage additive can help the farm achieve its forage aims

Our Bon Silage range of products from Europe’s top manufacturer Schaumann have been developed to make excellent grass, maize, wholecrop and Lucerne silage in Europe’s challenging conditions. The bacteria in the inoculants have undergone significant development in order to achieve the right balance of fast fermentation to ‘make’ the clamp quickly to preserve the nutrients, combined with fermentation products to achieve face stability at feed out and avoid energy loss at this stage.

Bonsilage has unique products in the range for different dry matter conditions, and faster making where the clamp needs to be opened quickly. Schaumann are also world leading in developing silage inoculants containing bacteria which produce propylene glycol in the clamp. This clever development converts the by-products of silage fermentation into propylene glycol and so concentrated usable energy for the cows, continuing the central theme to our silage inoculant usage – waste no nutrients. Read more about Bonsilage here.

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Why are Amino Acids important?

Grass Seeds for Productive and High Feed Value Leys

Making better use of home-produced forage is a high priority for all livestock farmers, whether they be Dairy, Beef or Sheep.  Good quality grass leys contribute hugely to lowering production costs, but as the sward ages its yield and feed quality inevitably decreases.

Reseeding gives the opportunity to replace older varieties and weed grasses with the newest most advanced varieties that offer the following benefits

  • Improved Feed Quality
    • Higher ME
    • More digestible
    • Higher sugar & protein
  • Increased Palatability
    • Higher Intakes
  • More Forage
    • Increased silage and grazing yields
    • Better disease resistance
    • Extended growing season
    • Better drought tolerance
    • Better yield response to Nitrogen

Plant breeders can add real value to the ruminant producer where the right improved varieties are sown for the conditions. This combination of agronomy and ruminant nutrition is a key link in the ruminant producers chain.

Feedco have been working closely with both Germinal (Aber) and Limagrain (Monarch)  offer a range of grass seeds which will suit the varying requirements of our customers. These range from highly productive short term grasses suited to arable rotations through to permanent  grazing mixtures. In between there is the right option for the South West livestock farmer seeking a short -medium term grassland rotation that feeds his stock high quality forage.

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Maize Seed to make Cow Food

Too often maize seed is sold on what might suit the agronomist and farmer not necessarily the cow. It is the cow who eats the forage and we believe the nutritional value of the crop should be key in choosing maize varieties. FeedCo advice will be designed to get the most from your maize silage, with a choice of the latest varieties handpicked to suit conditions in the South-West

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Seed for Other Fodder Crops for Cattle and Sheep

Seed is available for Fodder Crops such as Kale, Forage Rape, Swede, Stubble Turnip, Fodder Beet, Lucerne & Brassica Mixtures. Would you like to discuss how these feeds could supplement the nutritional and forage requirements of your animals? Get in touch for more information.