FeedCo Agri Supplies

FeedCo Agri Supplies stock all the major inputs required for the dairy, beef and sheep sectors. Fixed formulation bagged feed and milk powders; a full mineral range; fats, yeasts and feed additives, branded chemicals, animal husbandry products, and consumables are all stocked.

This excellent stock of products coupled with the back-up of service and advice from the team makes FeedCo Agri Supplies goal to be the company of choice for the South West.

Based on the outskirts of Exeter, FeedCo Agri Supplies is ideally located to service the agricultural community of the South West. FeedCo Agri Supplies is not a retail outlet in the model of traditional agricultural merchants. Our products are delivered to the farm-gate for your convenience.

Wondering if we have what you need?

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