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Delivering Ruminant Nutrition

FeedCo provides quality feeds and nutritional advice for Dairy, Beef and Sheep farmers throughout the South West

FeedCo was founded in 2015 on a passion for dairy cows and the single-minded belief in feeding them properly. Our team has grown, and that passion and expertise now also covers beef and sheep production. We take pride in our personal, proactive approach to customer service, understanding that each farming business is unique.

In all ruminant sectors we work to maximise production and health for our farmer customers through the ability to clinically formulate, supply and monitor rations. In dairy cows this is measured in milk sales and herd management figures; whilst beef and sheep farms measure kilograms of gain and cost/kilogram gain. From our first visit, through years of close working relationship, we aim to demonstrate the delivery of value by seeing our clients increase their financial margins relative to others. Across the board, farmer satisfaction is a key metric to show we are delivering the standard of farm nutrition we strive for.

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Expert Feeds You Can Trust

Quality Fixed Formation Cakes for Stable Rumens

All FeedCo cakes are fixed formulation. This means that the formulation, designed by us to suit each Summer or Winter period remains unchanged. The same raw materials are used in the same quantities each production batch so that animals or rumen microbes experience no difference. This, we believe, is the only way to design good ruminant compounds – we won’t fudge, compromise, least cost formulate or dilute.
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Grass Forage 2019

Mother nature has heard the cry of farmers and generally provided a kind year to get grass forage stocks built back up after last year's drought. That being said it has not all been easy with both dry and wet conditions having an impact on growing and foraging success in certain areas. So what have we got? As usual there are a range of forages produced, here is a summary if some of the factors which may be relatively common in 2019.
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FeedCo is an independent business formed in 2015 in response to market demand for increased competition. However our team have years of experience of ruminant nutrition, feed sourcing and the range of ruminant production systems.

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