Want to maximise your home-grown cereals and increase animal production? Feedco.rn grain treatment offers excellent on-farm results at a competitive price!

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Maximising protein and pH

Feedco.rn will help maximise your home-grown cereals by lifting the pH to around 9 and by increasing the protein content by up to 5 units. The ideal moisture content is between 16 -20% with the optimum around 18%.

Simply add in 5kg of Feedco.rn and 15kg of feed grade urea per tn of lightly rolled or bruised cereal and push up into a clamp and sheet down, (do not roll it). The powerful enzymes found in Feedco.rn will convert all your feed grade urea to ammonia and this reacts with CO2 and H2O to produce ammonium carbonate salts. The lift in the protein is coming from the ammonia and the pH lift will act as a rumen buffer when fed to livestock. The product is ready to use after 2 weeks.

When compared to grain treated with just urea, Feedco.rn treated grain consistently keeps better, has a higher pH and on-farm milk quality and yield have been consistently higher.

"Far better than just using straight urea"

Feedco.rn Grain Treatment

Urea and Enzyme Enhanced Grain Feeding System

  • Average pH of around 9
  • Converts Urea to Ammonia Gas
  • Increases Protein by up to 5 units
  • Contractor Friendly
  • Increases digestability
  • Fixed Application Rate
  • Feed Out after 2-3 weeks
  • Excellent On-Farm Results

Excellent on-farm feedback!


“We used Feedco.rn last year and found it both easy to use and store. It gave a good stable pH and has considerably helped butterfat and milk protein. The savings on using Feedco.rn against buying in extra protein gives excellent value for money and would certainly recommend to others.”

Stuart Winzer, West Bickleigh Farm, Devon

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