FeedCo Powdered Minerals

Minerals, trace elements and vitamins are essential nutrients for the health and optimal performance of all livestock.  Depending on the base level in forage and feed additional minerals are not needed in every circumstance, but on some land types, certain production systems and during our winters on conserved forage supplementation can be vital. Some symptoms of deficiency are relatively easy to spot with conditions such as milk fever, hypomagnesia, swayback and retained placentas.  Other deficiencies are more difficult to identify but pose a significant risk in terms of lost yield, immunity, fertility problems and locomotion issues.


FeedCo Standard Minerals

FeedCo have a standard range of minerals in stock which are designed to provide a high quality supplementation to meet South West requirements.


  • FeedCo Pre-Calver
  • FeedCo Dairy Hi-Vit
  • FeedCo Dairy
  • FeedCo Hi-Mag
  • FeedCo Cattle GP
  • FeedCo Intensive Beef
  • FeedCo Beef Protein 60%
  • FeedCo Sheep GP
  • FeedCo Intensive Ram & Lamb

FeedCo Bespoke Minerals

Where more precise supplementation targeted to the farm level is required we prefer our bespoke approach formulating each mineral, trace element and vitamin to the exact animal and farm requirement. In this service we will analyse silage, take into account additional feeds,  look at the issues that your livestock are experiencing, discuss the aims of your system and design a bespoke mineral to suit your circumstances.

Whether you would like us to quote you for a formulation that you are already using or you would like our bespoke service to suit your individual farm situation – please get in touch.

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