With the emphasis on producers to supply ‘clean’ milk increasing continually, the importance of a considered milking routine has never been more important.

With best practice protocols in place, choosing the correct products to suit the individual challenge on farm is vital.

FeedCo Agri Supplies has the full range of circulation and teatcare products available, combined with specialist advice and excellent service. Will Whittingham has the expertise and experience required to both get the dairy hygiene right on farm, and keep it there. Will heads up the FeedCo Agri Supplies team specialising in Dairy Hygiene. Please call either Will or the office to discuss how we can help you achieve your target results.

Dairy Hygiene

Teat Hygiene

Teat disinfection is one of the most effective mastitis and sub clinical mastitis (SCC) control measures available. Reducing the level of bacterial challenge on the teat and teat end, reduces the rate of
infection. By following milking routines and hygiene techniques, the spread of infection will be reduced.

Call to discuss our range of pre and post teat disinfection range.

Parlour and Tank Hygiene

Our range of dairy parlour circulation and tank cleaning are effec- tive in reducing bacterial contamination. Cleaning first, removes milk residues and gives a significant reduction in micro-organism population. Disinfection using the correct active ingredient will then help to reduce micro-organisms to a safe level. Ensure you have the correct product for the purpose.

Dairy Spares

Dairy Sundries

We stock a wide range of dairy equipment from filter socks to milk liners, tail tape to washdown hose at competitive prices.