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Dairy Hygiene

With the emphasis on producers to supply  ‘clean’  milk increasing continually, the importance of a considered milking routine has never been more important.

With best practice protocols in place, choosing the correct products to suit the individual challenge on farm is vital.

FeedCo stocks a full range of teat care and circulation products and offers specialist advice as well as excellent service.

Please call the office today to discuss how we can help you achieve your target results or view our range below.

Teat Care

Teat disinfection is the most critical measure to manage mastitis risk and outbreaks. In order to fully destroy the bacteria on the teats, it is important to use well-engineered treatments with an ‘active’ formulation which will significantly limit the spread of infection.

Kersia Novodip

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An excellent non-drip formulation product for post milking teat disinfection via dip cup application.

Kersia Novodual

Kersia Novodual

A lactic acid & chlorhexidine combination product, specifically formulated for pre & post milking teat disinfection.

Kersia Gold Glycodip XL

Kilco Gold Glycodip XL

A high emollient ready to use iodine teat disinfectant product for post milking use, it can be dipped or sprayed.

Kersia Biolac Pre-Post

Kersia Biolac Pre-Post

RTU pre and post milking-iodine teat hygiene product. Contains the power of Iodophor & Lactic Acid

Parlour and Plant Cleaning

Our range of dairy parlour circulation and tank cleaning products are effective in reducing bacterial contamination. Cleaning  first removes milk residues and significantly reduces the micro-organism population. Disinfection then helps to maintain micro-organisms at a safe level. It is imperative to have the correct product for the purpose and FeedCo can advise and supply accordingly.

Kersia Autosan Blue

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A chlorine free alkaline cleaner for use with all milking equipment, including robotic and electronic systems.

Kersia DX Autotank Cleaner

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A chlorinated alkaline detergent designed for automatic cleaning of DX Bulk Tanks, Milk Silos, for use on dairy farms.

Kersia Kilcosan

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A strong chlorinated caustic detergent, for circulation cleaning of milking machines & DX Bulk Tanks.

Kersia Milkstone Remover

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A phosphoric acid based descaler designed for the removal of scale deposits in milking equipment and bulk milk tanks.

Kersia Morning Wash

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A chlorinated alkaline detergent specifically designed for circulation cleaning of milk pipelines in hot water.

Kersia Night Wash

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A phosphoric acid detergent for the removal of scale deposits in milking equipment and bulk milk tanks on dairy farms.

Kersia Topband Total 4 in 10

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A powerful alkaline powder detergent for circulation cleaning of milking equipment in hot water for use in dairy farms.

Dairy Hygiene