Quality Fixed Formulation Cakes for Stable Rumens

All FeedCo cakes are fixed formulation. This means that the formulation, designed by us to suit each Summer or Winter period remains unchanged. The same raw materials are used in the same quantities each production batch so that animals or rumen microbes experience no difference. This, we believe, is the only way to design good ruminant compounds – we won’t fudge, compromise, least cost formulate or dilute.

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Farmers using Fixed Formulation Compounds know exactly what they are buying each and every load

For dairy, youngstock, beef and sheep rations the principle remains true – keep set on fixed formulations made from quality, digestible ingredients and the animals will have the best nutritional support we can give them to perform.

Bespoke Precision Blends For your Cattle and Sheep

Our Exeter blending site prides itself on attention to detail in bespoke blend production.

Blends are often the ideal way to achieve cost effective targeted feeding on-farm.

We stock a wide range of raw materials, minerals, fats and additives so our farmer customers don’t have to. These ingredients are combined by us to help maximise feeding accuracy on farm.  Blends also help reduce waste from spillage and shrinkage, reduce storage space and keep inventory costs low.

Every blend produced is tailor made to meet the individual needs of your farm and its animals ensuring it is just what is required.

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Straights & Alternative Feeds

A feature of modern agriculture is volatile commodity markets.  For farms which buy straights and alternative feeds well informed and timely advice is key to making good buying decisions in such an environment. In addition to honest nutritional advice of what feeds to use, and crucially not use, the Feedco team have many decades of market trading experience and can help you decide what and when to buy to manage exposure and minimise risk.  Interested in some straights market advice click to get in touch/call.

All types of straights are available for bulk delivery or collection.  We also supply all the complimentary feeds used in commercial ruminant diets such as rumen protected fats and proteins, caustic treated wheat and certain moist feeds.

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