Be sweet to your cows

Be sweet to your cows

Sugar is one of the most neglected nutrients in dairy rations and its concentration in diets (3%) is often significantly lower than ideal. The inclusion of higher sugar ingredients has often only been considered for reasons of palatability or to reduce sorting, rather than for its key nutritional value.
Autumn grazing & spring silage quality 1

Autumn grazing & spring silage quality

Following a run of milder winters, will we get a colder one this year? Who knows, but it’s true that longer growing seasons do throw up some questions in managing grass crops.
Nuts about Grass! 5

Nuts about Grass!

As a company, FeedCo will always advise our customers to strive to make the highest quality grass forage possible. With new modern grass varieties and farmers realising the benefit of cutting younger, leafier grass, we see farmers consistently making low NDF Silage (45 & below) with energy values of 11ME +.
Covid 19 Information 2

COVID-19 Information

FeedCo Ltd is taking the spread of Coronavirus in the UK extremely seriously. Our priority is the safety and wellbeing of our employees and customers and maintaining continuity of feed supply to our customers.
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Variability of Feed Management Leads to Variability of Results. By Fiona Berry

It is that time of year again, winter routines are back. What is the largest factor leading to variability in feeding management on your farm?
Grass Forage 2019

Grass Forage 2019

Mother nature has heard the cry of farmers and generally provided a kind year to get grass forage stocks built back up after last year's drought. That being said it has not all been easy with both dry and wet conditions having an impact on growing and foraging success in certain areas. So what have we got? As usual there are a range of forages produced, here is a summary if some of the factors which may be relatively common in 2019.
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Some suggestions to be proactive in a difficult forage year

With less than 20% of normal rainfall falling in the South West in June, we see ourselves in a situation not seen for many years. What can we do to be proactive?
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Germinal Seed Products are now available from FeedCo

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Why are Amino Acids important?

Improving Yields from Chop Lengths

Improving Yields from Chop Lengths

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Feedco Launch New Milk Powder Range

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Nutrition of the Ewe – Weaning to Lambing