From the beginning FeedCo has emphasised on nutritional formulations and quality ingredients at good value prices and therefore when the new milk powder range was being designed and formulated, the same core values have been continued.

The FeedCo milk replacer range includes two skim-based (Ultra Skim 60% and High Skim 33%), and one whey based powder (High Whey).

– Ultra Skim 60%, is a market-leading 60% skim milk powder with highly digestible all dairy protein allowing maximum growth in dairy heifers. This has shown to maximise 1st lactation yields.

– High skim 33%, a skim based milk powder suitable for all types of calf rearing systems including computerised machines with high levels of dairy protein promoting rapid early growth.

– High whey, highly digestible sources of energy and protein for calf rearing systems utilising whey based calf milk replacers.

The FeedCo milk replacer range are made up of carefully selected high quality raw materials providing excellent mixing, digestibility, reassurance and safety during the crucial pre-weaning period.  The attractive taste encourages high palatability and eager consumption enhancing early growth rates.  All FeedCo calf milk replacers contain a gut conditioning package to accelerate the development of the immature gut.

When it comes to selecting calf milk replacer, producers should look at the full picture including price and label but also what suits the calves on your farm.

Please contact your local FeedCo nutritionist for calf feeding advice or contact the office on (01395) 239995.