Why are Amino Acids important?

Grass Seeds for Productive and High Feed Value Leys

Making better use of home-produced forage is a high priority for all livestock farmers, whether they be Dairy, Beef or Sheep.  Good quality grass leys contribute hugely to lowering production costs, but as the sward ages its yield and feed quality inevitably decreases.

Reseeding gives the opportunity to replace older varieties and weed grasses with the newest most advanced varieties that offer the following benefits

  • Improved Feed Quality
    • Higher ME
    • More digestible
    • Higher sugar & protein
  • Increased Palatability
    • Higher Intakes
  • More Forage
    • Increased silage and grazing yields
    • Better disease resistance
    • Extended growing season
    • Better drought tolerance
    • Better yield response to Nitrogen
Grass Seed
Grass Seed 1

Plant breeders can add real value to the ruminant producer where the right improved varieties are sown for the conditions. This combination of agronomy and ruminant nutrition is a key link in the ruminant producers chain.

FeedCo have been working closely with both Germinal (Aber) and Limagrain (Monarch) of grass seeds which will suit the varying requirements of our customers. These range from highly productive short term grasses suited to arable rotations through to permanent grazing mixtures. In between there is the right option for the South West livestock farmer seeking a short -medium term grassland rotation that feeds his stock high quality forage.

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Why are Amino Acids important?