Dairy Hygiene

Teat Care

Teat disinfection is an important measure in mastitis management. In order to fully destroy any bacteria on the teats, it is important to use well engineered teat treatment formulations. The most fundamental part of the “teat dip” formulation is the active substance. This is the part of the formulation which is responsible for killing mastitis causing bacteria.

The basis of mastitis control is herd management, specifically aimed at reducing the level of bacterial challenge on the teat and teat end, reducing the rate of infection. Mastitis can never be eradicated, however, if milking routines and hygiene techniques are improved then the spread of infection will be reduced.

Teat Care Products

Kersia Novodip

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An excellent non-drip formulation product for post milking teat disinfection via dip cup application.

Kersia Novodual

Kersia Novodual

A lactic acid & chlorhexidine combination product, specifically formulated for pre & post milking teat disinfection.

Kersia Gold Glycodip XL

Kilco Gold Glycodip XL

A high emollient ready to use iodine teat disinfectant product for post milking use, it can be dipped or sprayed.

Kersia Biolac Pre-Post

Kersia Biolac Pre-Post

RTU pre and post milking-iodine teat hygiene product. Contains the power of Iodophor & Lactic Acid