Crystalyx Feed Licks for Dairy, Beef and Sheep

Crystalyx supplies a high energy form of supplementation to the main forage diets of dairy cattle, beef cattle, sheep, goats, and deer in a very palatable form.

Crystalyx feed blocks are a convenient way of providing supplementation to livestock 24 hours a day. The product is licked little and often, constantly supplementing the productive animal and stimulating the rumen bugs, making the best use of home-grown forages and balancing forage

Crsytalyx Garlyx

Crsytalyx Garlyx

Crystalyx Garlyx is primarily designed to maximise animal performance by stimulating forage intake and digestion, with an added high concentration of garlic to protect cattle and sheep from biting insects. The natural high sulphur compounds in garlic act as an insect repellent which ward off fly’s and other biting insects.

  • Helps to repel biting insects and reduces the risk of infection from insect bites.
  • Reduces restlessness and irritation in grazing stock.
  • Balances nutrient deficiencies in summer grass.
  • Optimises forage digestibility and intake.

Crystalyx Cattle Booster

Crystalyx Range 1

Crystalyx Cattle Booster is a feed tub ideally suited for use in dairy and beef farming systems.

  • Enhances forage digestibility and improves forage intakes
  • Improves animal health and performance
  • Balances nutrient deficiencies in forages – a more efficient rumen fermentation means more efficient forage digestion
  • Provides all essential minerals, trace elements and vitamins
  • Helps to buffer all types of grazing pastures no matter what the seasonality challenges
  • Available in 80kg and 22.5kg tubs

Crystalyx Cattle High-Mag

Crystalyx Range 3

Crystalyx Cattle High-Mag is a high magnesium lick that is designed to help maintain normal blood magnesium levels in lactating beef and dairy cows during periods of risk.

  • Provides a highly palatable form of magnesium readily consumed by grazing cattle
  • Helps maintain normal blood magnesium levels to reduce the risk of hypomagnesæmia (staggers/tetany)
  • Independent research at Glasgow Veterinary School confirms the benefits of high magnesium availability
  • Available in 80kg and 22.5kg tubs

Crystalyx Easy Breather

Crystalyx Range 6

Crystalyx Easy Breather is a feed lick specially designed with the intention to help alleviate stress and respiratory problems in calves and sheep. Respiratory problems in calves and sheep are most prevalent in autumn and winter, especially when the animals are housed. Containing menthol and eucalyptus Crystalyx Easy Breather offers a natural aid to maintain a healthy respiratory system.

  • Helps Reduce Coughing and Respiratory Irritation
  • Aids and Maintains a Strong Healthy Immune System
  • Improves Calf Growth to give Strong, Vigorous Calves
  • Reduces stress levels

Crystalyx Extra High Energy

Crystalyx Range

Crystalyx Extra High Energy is a feed tub that can be used all year round to provide supplementation for ewes, rams and lambs.

  • Crystalyx optimises performance by stimulating forage intakes and digestibility while providing all essential minerals, trace elements and vitamins.
  • Helps off-set the high cost of bought-in feeds.
  • Optimizes condition of Ewes and breeding Rams for maximum fertility.
  • Helps lambs finish faster off grass.
  • Has double the sugar content of nearly all other block supplements
  • Available in 80kg and 22.5kg tubs

Crystalyx Optimum

Crystalyx Range 4

Crystalyx Optimum is a very high energy lick designed specifically to provide selected key nutrients to help stimulate the appetite and dry feed intake in freshly calved cows. Optimum helps improve energy balance in early lactation by providing a source of rumen-bypass energy for the cow.

  • Reduces the risk of ketosis
  • Stimulates forage intakes – especially of high acid silages
  • Helps optimise fertility by improved nutrient balance
  • Maximise milk yield
  • Reduces the risk of acidosis

Crystalyx Pre-Calver

Crystalyx Range 2

Crystalyx Pre-Calver is perfect for feeding to both dairy and beef cows during the dry period, as it provides a low calcium/high magnesium diet which greatly reduces the risk of milk fever and slow calving.

  • Helps replenish trace elements and vitamin reserves pre-calving
  • Supports and maintains a strong, healthy immune system
  • Conditions cows during the dry period to maintain optimum health
  • Helps maintain optimum blood magnesium levels to reduce the risk of milk fever and ‘slow calvings’
  • Optimises calf health and vigour (more “get up and go”)

Crystalyx Standard

Crystalyx Standard

Crystalyx Standard is the ideal tub to be fed to a mixed grazing system. Standard provides livestock with high levels of energy and an excellent source of protein, along with valuable source of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

  • Magnesium source for cattle and sheep
  • Stimulates forage intake and digestion
  • High in protein
  • Provides essential minerals, trace elements and vitamins